At Gallop Racing, we pride ourselves on being the last ones standing, win or lose. We race to win at all times, but the party doesn’t stop at the post. We’ll carry on strong like Yorkshire folk should. You’ll often find at least a couple of members in their natural habitat, propping up the owner’s bar and will always have time for chat over a pint.

With a proven track record at racecourses across the United Kingdom, including Ascot, Musselburgh, and of course our home turf York. You can guarantee there will be a green and white tie somewhere near the bar. Our syndicate goal is for everybody involved to have a great time, it’s as simple as that! We celebrate every race day, and winning is just another bonus.

The crusade on the Curragh for Irish Champions Day was where the Dandyleekie quartet took on the Irish to solidify the syndicates reputable “last man standing” status. A packed race card and a free bar later, the members walked away as kings with absolutely no one else on course.

We’ve attracted notable groupies at the Gallop after parties. Frankel wanted a piece of the action in Ascot… he quickly had his own personal tie slung around his neck and grabbed a photo opportunity with the Gallop members. Sadly, he couldn’t attend the team curry later that night, (un)fortunately missing out on Racing Manager Richard’s poppadum head-butting antics. Maybe next time Frankel.

If you want to have all the perks of owning a racehorse along with genuinely enjoying your day out, win or lose, whatever the weather, then get in contact with Gallop Racing. Keep an eye on this page to be up to date with results, and all the behind the scenes antics.